December 4, 2023

6 Rules to Nail Life from Battleborne Veteran Recovery

Great advice from Team Battleborne, a veteran recovery resource based out of Allentown, PA.

6 Rules to Nail Life:

  1. Not everything’s for sharing. Most folks don’t really care. Some even hope you’ll trip.
  2. Mind your company. You level up when you’re with folks who’ve got their act together.
  3. Drop the expectations, but keep the gratitude. Simple joys are gold. Cherish ’em.
  4. Do your thing, then let it be. Bust your butt, and you’ll see – good things come.
  5. Lead yourself, forget about leading others. That’s where the real power’s at.
  6. Cool down and don’t react. Control your reactions, and no one’s playing you.

Be amazing,

– Coach JP Juan Perez

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