September 25, 2023

Best Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake: Delicious Pumpkin Chai Latte for Fall

Searching for a delicious and optimally nutrition-balanced, plant-based meal replacement shake?

HHNJ guest contributor, writer, runner and health enthusiast Suzanne offers her personal testimonial, a bit of her own story, and product recommendation, below.

Transparency is terrifying and also the best possible way to heal, to share and to grow.

My diet used to mainly consist of whiskey and Doritos. I didn’t care about my health. I didn’t understand the detrimental effects of all the toxins. I didn’t wish to learn, I didn’t want to change, and I certainly didn’t see myself in this moment right now.

I lost a major amount of weight eating processed crap in a box. I thought I was healthy. I was a size 2 on the outside but remained clueless on as to what health on the inside truly was.

At soon to be 48 years old… I’m working on running my 17th full marathon. I continue to fight to break generational cycles of toxic habits, and poor choices. I want to be able to remain active, to hike mountain tops with my husband, and to feel good.

I struggle. I have high dived off the diving board into learning about nutrition. I eat mostly plant-based but honesty I wrestle daily with myself on being completely vegan… on could do better?

Can I truly have balance? Which confusing ad of BS do I read this week? It never ends for me. That’s just how my brain works… And my past is partly to blame. I have to fight like hell to maintain my weight… to not veer off the road to my old patterns and ways of living.

This plant-based protein shake is one of several products I’ve been using from a single, well reputed brand.

Every word of this is a testimony of my true experience.

✔️My results are absolutely insane. My skin glows, my hair is hands-down the shiniest, and silkiest it’s ever been.

✔️The Marine Collagen is good tasting, has become part of my routine. I previously thought collagen was BS, blah blah (until I could actually see and feel tangible results).

✔️My eyes have never been so blue or clear.

✔️My fingernails and hands look like two completely different people after 50 days.

✔️My sleep is better, and my energy is improved.

I taken much greater risks in life than trying a new shake. I done enough damage to my body in my previous years for two more life times. I feel grateful that I’ve found something that works for me.

I love a good pumpkin spice latte. Pumpkin cheesecake is my favorite dessert, and fall is my season.

The proof is in the pudding… or maybe it’s in the pumpkin.

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*Results vary by individual.

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