September 28, 2023

Canva Ebook Template Must-Know Tips for Instant Download

Do you want to use Canva to create opt-in gifts to grow your list? Do you want to sell digital products, like ebooks, coaching workbooks, journaling courses and online cookbooks?

Canva is EASY to use, but frustrating if you’re just getting started. Wondering how to use Canva template to make ebooks and PDF downloads?

Free Canva Ebook Template Creation Must-Know Tips – Download Now

I’ve created a simple series of must-know tips to get you over the Canva ebook creation learning curve! Read through this info, and you’ll be cranking out ebooks in no time using Canva!

Sign Up for the Canva Tips, Then Do the Following:

Save the PDF file to your computer or smart phone so you can access this helpful info as your schedule permits.

When you’re ready, read through the suggestions. This advice will help you get over the hurdle of not knowing how to use ebook tempates in Canva!

After you read, log in and try creating a Canva ebook.

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