September 25, 2023

Chocodiem of Clinton Now Located in Easton Public Market

Dear friends, several years ago Healthy Happy NJ published a beautifully written article that was contributed by Cecily Smith of Chocodiem Arisan Chocolates. They have since moved from their downtown Clinton location. We love this article so much that we thought we’d keep it safe here on our site. But we also want you to know that Chocodiem now resides at the Easton Public Market in Easton, Pennsylvania.

If you’d love to order some wonderful, gourmet Belgian chocolate confections, either for Valentine’s Day or any other reason, you still can.

You will now find Chocodiem at the Easton Public Market on Northampton Street in Easton, PA! Please find their full address and contact information the end of this post. Chocodiem is still available to place your custom orders for high quality Belgian chocolate.

Here’s the lovely article that they sent me. 🙂

A Sweet Taste of Home

by Cecily Smith

Chocodiem, purveyor of handmade, gourmet chocolates [located in the Easton Public Market of Easton, PA], celebrates this age-old delicacy and shares some of the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate. Valentine’s Day is coming… don’t pass them by!

It’s no secret that people are in love with chocolate. It has captured the human heart for over three millennia, and has been prepared in a multitude of ways from the rich, bitter, frothy drink of the ancient Aztecs to its modern avant-garde use in savory dishes. But for chocolatier Jean-Paul Hepp, founder and co-owner of Chocodiem, chocolate at its utmost perfection is the chocolate he grew up with in his native Belgium. As soon as a customer enters his shop, Jean-Paul insists that they first try his favorite chocolate and experience the epitome of chocolate as he knows it, “This is my 72%, my best chocolate”, he always says.

Jean-Paul opened Chocodiem in 2012, and soon after teamed up with talented pastry chef, Kathleen Hernandez to create even more stunning chocolates truffles, pralines, barks and other-confectionaries. Kathleen attended the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC and has worked with some of the top pastry chefs in the world. Her artistic flair and unique and exquisite flavor combinations along with her joyful personality made her the perfect addition to Chocodiem. Together she and Jean-Paul make chocolates by hand in small batches using premium chocolate that Jean-Paul discovered after traveling to many different parts of the world in search of the best cacao. Chocodiem Chocolate uses no preservatives, and is unique for not only the taste and process of its chocolate, but for its one-of-a-kind flavors and hand-painted truffles.

Most Americans know chocolate to be the mouth-watering, creamy, calorific treat available in the form of Reese’s candies, M&M’s, Snickers and Kitkat bars. For the more sophisticated palate, brands such as Godiva, Lindt and Ghirardelli have become what we think of when we crave gourmet European chocolate. But when one has tasted true Belgian chocolate as it is made in Belgium and France, one can never go back. Belgian chocolate is not a type of cacao bean, but rather a unique process of creating truffles and pralines that dates back to the 18th century. This older method in which chocolates are made by hand in small batches with the same equipment that has been used for centuries has proved to create superior and far better-quality chocolates than those created in modern mass production. Chocolates made this way are less processed and made of higher quality ingredients, which in turn creates a healthier product that need not be overlooked when considering your diet.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate have only more recently been recognized and studied, even though they have been valued by many individuals dating back to the Mayans. Originating from the seed of a tropical tree, cacao beans share many of the same nutrients found in most nuts and seeds. And just because cacao is combined with sugar, butter and other indulgent ingredients does not mean one cannot reap health benefits from it. Belgian chocolate creates a healthy balance of sugar with nutritious roasted cacao, resulting in a sophisticated and delicious flavor.

Dark chocolate – rich in antioxidents

The health benefits of chocolate are continuing to be discovered. Recently it has become known for high antioxidant content which has actually landed dark chocolate a permanent spot on the superfood list. Cacao contains a high percentage of flavanoids or phytonutrients that occur in plant foods and act as antioxidants. Antioxidants are one of the first lines of defense that the body uses to keep free radicals from damaging other cells. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals which have the potential to damage cells and lead to disease.

Dark chocolate may lower blood pressure

Many recent studies have also shown dark chocolate to help lower blood pressure and reduce LDL cholesterol due to flavanoids’ ability to increase the flexibility of veins and arteries. Additionally, chocolate has been known to increase serotonin, a chemical created by the human body that acts as a neurotransmitter. Researchers have discovered that higher levels of serotonin act as a natural anti-depressant while stimulating endorphin production which elevates feelings of happiness. So, that feeling of contentment after you eat chocolate isn’t just because it tasted so good!

Cacao prevents tooth decay, and is high in magnesium

Yes, chocolate contains sugar which promotes tooth decay, but cacao contains theobromine, which has been known to prevent teeth from decay better than fluoride. Last but not least, cacao contains more magnesium than any other plant. Magnesium is a very important mineral that helps your digestive, neurological and cardiovascular systems.

So don’t avoid chocolate, embrace it. The key to using chocolate to benefit your health is making sure you choose chocolates with 70% cacao and higher and keeping everything in moderation.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Stop by Chocodiem at the Easton Public Market for a little taste of chocolate heaven and a sweet treat for your love.

Article and photography contributed by Cecily Smith.

About Chocodiem, Purveyor of Artisan Belgian Chocolates:

Chocodiem is Now Located at the Easton Public Market

Chocolatier: Owner Jean-Paul (“JP”) Hepp
Contact to place your custom order:

Fresh Belgian Artisan Chocolates
Located in the Easton Public Market
325 Northampton Street, Easton, PA 18042

Operating Hours:

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Wednesday-Saturday: 9 am-7 pm
Sunday: 9 am-5 pm


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