September 28, 2023

Cook and Make Homemade Bread with Nonna Pia, Everybody’s Favorite Italian Grandma from New Jersey

I somehow bumped into Nonna Pia on Facebook. I think it was because I was posting about the ShopRite can can sale.

Next thing you know here comes the cutest Italian Grandma you ever saw, taking a trip with her grandson to ShopRite for the sale, to pick up all of her favorite canned foods and make a delicious dinner.

Well of course after laying eyes on that beautiful feast she prepared with pork, lots of garlic, Tuttorosso tomatoes, wine, Cento hot peppers, and a side salad of beets with chickpeas and onions…

I fell in immediate Italian grandma love. So last night and this morning I spent some time getting to know Nonna Pia and all of her wonderful recipes and stories.

She came to America at age 18 from a small town near Rome, Italy; married her boyfriend who had come with her, and from there they settled into an Italian-American family lifestyle.

Nonna Pia loves America because she arrived here after World War II when there was no food. She says, “I cook, I clean, and I love to be home.”

Mostly, she cooks the way that all Italian grandmas do: a pinch of this and a pour of that… and if you ask her about measurements she’ll give you a funny little smile.

Make fresh bread with Nonna Pia. Follow her recipe in the video below

This bright-eyed grandma has lots of grandchildren and lots of love in her life, according to her grandson who films her cooking and baking from their New Jersey residence in the Edison area.

Her cooking videos provide endless joy, with simple dialogue that goes something like this:

Grandma, you cry when you cut the onions?”


“Nah, you’re too tough!”

Nonna Pia Goes to Shoprite for the Can-Can Sale… then Makes a Beautiful Dinner with Pork, Tomato, Hot Peppers and Wine. Watch the video:

Nonna Pia has gone viral on the Internet thanks to the efforts of her grandson. So no matter which platform you are on, you will find her if you look.

Thank you, Nonna, for sharing your beautiful meals and love with us all.