September 25, 2023

Copywriting Services – Virtual by Email

Thinking you could increase sales for your business with the help of a skilled copywriter? Let’s talk.

Hi! I’m Dina and I’ve written copy professionally since 1996. My heart is with small business, but I’ve written for Fortune 500 companies, too.

We offer two types of content marketing support here.

  • Paid Article Writing: No time to write or don’t want to? I bill $150 for 800 words. Publish it here for free, and any place else you’d like to share your news, tips or information with the world.
  • Paid Content Marketing: You outsource your brand, website, email or print marketing to me as your freelance copywriter.

We also publish your content for free in our blog (but YOU must write it)

  • Free Article Publishing: You provide the content, and I publish an article free for you in this blog.
  • Free Ad Publishing: Again, you send me the ad, and I’ll post it on this blog.

Why is it Free to Have Content Published on Healthy Happy NJ?

I run this blog as my give-back project. Just hand me an article or announcement to publish in a blog post here. It’s free, and you’ll get exposure on Google and other search engines. Yes, we DO come up on search engines.

To clarify: this blog shows up on Google if the keywords of your post title match what people are looking for. 

There’s a world beyond Facebook. If you’re showing up there, that’s great. But what about all the people you’re missing who are not logging in or don’t have an account?

You really do need content marketing beyond Facebook. That’s where the services of a seasoned copywriter might just be useful. I can help you.

Interested in checking off some marketing tasks from your list? I accept projects that run anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks.

Email me for more info about our services at…

healthy happy nj@ gmail .com (no spaces).