September 21, 2023

Courage, Dear Heart | Suzanne’s Musings

C.S. Lewis says “courage, dear heart.” As I reached for my mug today and read the word courage, I was quickly reminded of what this means to me. Every moment in life is a chance to pin courage on ourselves.

We continue to be tested…and when we are say no and tolerate nothing less than what brings you peace and happiness.

We continue to be sculpted…and when we are let the clay take the form of nothing less than what brings you awareness and stability.

We continue to be confronted by all the people, places, and things that leech upon us to suck the life out of us…and when we are tolerate nothing less than what offers you good character and integrity.

Life will always test us…when you are reminded of this….remember that you are not required to please, settle, tolerate, accept, nor deposit anything that does match your goals, welllness, priorities, dreams, and blueprint.

Take your courage…pin it, share it, send it, save it, be it, keep it….but never lose sight of how you got it.

Writer, competitive runner and visionary Suzanne Swanson shares inspiring words on the Run Before You Fly blog. She seeks to help those struggling in unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol to overcome their blocks and move on to self love. Sign up for inspirational emails from Suzanne. Join her running, healthy lifestyle and emotional support group on Facebook! We’re encouraging, motivating, celebrating, believing in, and cheering for one another. We’d love to meet and know you!