September 28, 2023

Done-for-You Health Coaching Newsletters

  • Are you in search of a ready to go holistic newsletter?
  • What about one that included a pre-written feature article, images and Amazon links to publish?
  • What about six of them in a package that you could customize any way you like?

Wordfeeder has a great new PLR product coming to you very soon. Done-for-you natural wellness newseletters in Canva.

Won’t it be wonderful to just open up the document, customize and tweak a bit, and then send out a fresh newsletter to your audience of natural wellness seekers?

You or your clients can add their branding and links to these, and use the content that will be already inputted.

Or, you/they can edit the templates, and pop in new content – so these can be used, then used again for different publishing themes.

Get a sneak peek via the link below:

Done for You Natural Wellness Newsletters

If you haven’t already, download the available free wellness images that I included at the bottom of that page.

You’ll receive an email update as soon as the newsletters are packed up and ready to go.