September 28, 2023

Easton Public Market is a Foodie’s Paradise

Can’t agree on where to eat?

An inconspicuous entrance on Northampton Street of Easton PA opens the door to a palate-tempting playground for food enthusiasts of all tastes and preferences.

The Easton Public Market promises something for everybody, and you can all sit together.

At the Easton Public Market, flavors from around the world commingle beautifully, promising wholesome, fresh foods to satisfy everyone in your crew.

Eat in, take out, shop for fresh and artisan foods to prepare at home. Get homemade baked goods, gourmet chocolates, fresh seafood, local honey and so much more. It’s all here at the Easton Public Market.

From steaming noodle bowls filled with rich, hearty broth, to tender slabs of slow smoked brisket barbecue, to oven fired pizza with the perfect crust, you get to enjoy a different flavor each time (or all at one time), whenever you visit this bustling mealtime mecca.

Pop in the Eastern Public Market  after work today and shop for local produce, specialty meats or fresh seafood. Dinner at home just got transformed from ho-hum dishes to wholesome and delicious.

Sit and sip a delicious craft beer while your kids busy themselves at the conveniently located indoor play area. Then make your way around the place for a nibble of this and a bite of that.

I can’t even explain the joy that befalls me upon entering the Easton Public Food Market. Be still my foodie heart and taste buds dancing with delight, it just doesn’t get any better than this place!

The best way for me to entice you to the Easton Public Market is to just show you around.

The Modern Crumb. Nothing crumby about it. They were cutting slabs of butter into pieces and mixing flour for scones when we visited.
Fresh flowers for the foodie loves in your life.
Pizza Oven at Scratch is fired up and ready to go.
Get your gourmet on. Prepared foods for the creative cook.
Meats to meet your approval at the smoked meats counter.
Seafood case is stocked and ready for your order.
Support local farmers when you shop for your fresh veggies at the Easton Public Market.
Chicken cutlets, eggplant towers… prepared Italian favorites. Dinner awaits!
Mr. Lee’s line cooks doing what they do best. We had Koren barbecue beef in a giant bowl of noodles, and a side of seaweed salad. So good!
Taylor Taco Shop offers authentic Mexican fare.


The menu at Taylor’s Taco Shop.
Gifts for foodies. 🙂
Pickled eggs, beets, peppers and green beans to compliment your smoked meat selections.
A bowl of chilled shrimp brightens the seafood case.
Wait, what does that sign say? Look again!
Handcrafted Belgian chocolates from Chocodiem.

Contact Information:

Easton Public Market
325 Northampton St, Easton, PA 18042
Phone: (610) 330-9942

Go here for their full list of food vendors and more information.