September 28, 2023

Ebook in Canva: 6-Figure Coach Success Shortcut

Hey, Smart Coach! Get to 6 figures faster! Your customers and clients have problems and they look to you to provide the answers.

Curious web searchers want answers and solutions to their problems, and they want the instant gratification that an ebook provides.

Digital goods such as ebooks are highly popular with coaches and experts in any category.



Do you work online in any of the following fields?

  • Business and online business
  • Cooking, recipe sharing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home and Family
  • Life Coaching and Self Help
  • Natural and Holistic Health
  • Weight Loss and Fitness

An ebook will position you as an expert in your field while acting as a hands off revenue generator for your website.


Did you know that coaches who make the big bucks don’t just rely on individual coaching hours to make money?

It’s true. Smart coaches know that it’s all about adding multiple streams of income online including ebooks, planners, workshops and bundled coaching packages

It doesn’t have to run you thousands to make and sell or share an ebook online.

It also doesn’t have to take you months or even years to write a single ebook.

Want to know more?

Download your ebook creation in Canva tutorial here