September 28, 2023

Evening Prayer for the Universe | Yoga in Stewartsville, NJ

An evening meditation from Mary Walker-Golden of Mpower Yoga Wellness in Stewartsville, NJ and Palmer, PA…

Divine Mother, Holy Father… tonight here is my Prayer for the Universe.

For the person who is hurting and believes that there is ill will directed toward them. Who takes things personally and therefore constantly gives up their power, may they be forgiven their harsh words and inability to trust, connect or love.

For the person who is hurting and believes they are unworthy of happiness, gratitude or goodness. Who takes their bodies and minds and punishes them with numbing and worrying, may they be forgiven their harsh actions and disconnection from self.

For the person who is hurting and yet puts on a smile bright as the sun. Who reaches out to others yet remains unreachable in their own ability to feel and receive. May they be forgiven for their misguided approach to love and kinship. May they come alive in the light once more.

It is not a one way street but a radiant circle that connects us all to one another, to you and to your grace. Please continue to teach and polish us and hold us in the images of the highest good that you have meant for us since the day we were conceived, now on this day and into all eternity

Amen, Akaal

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