September 28, 2023

Find More Time to Do Yoga

Wondering how you’re supposed to do yoga when you have so much else going on? Swipe these ideas for sneaking yoga poses in while going about your day.

Yoga while gardening. People always say that gardening brings a sense of peace and connection to the earth. I never felt anything but irritation during gardening until recently. That was when I had begun doing yoga “for real,” and getting the urge to stretch my body while planting, weeding, digging and picking in my garden beds. Incorporate some deep squats as you pull weeds from the ground. Bend at the waist into a Standing Half Forward Bend or Flat Back as you reach for fallen tomatoes. Try some Down Dog whilst strawberry picking. When finished, you might stop and sit in the Lotus for a bit, contemplating the glory of life and your place here on our planet. Inhale deeply the aromas of nature at work all around you. Ah, such beauty to behold!

Yoga in the shower. Perhaps you’ve run out of time in your high intensity workout, and had to cut short the post-workout stretch. Or maybe you’re having a busy morning and can’t get exercise in at all. This is okay, so long as you remember to sneak some yoga stretches in as you clean up. Soap up the washcloth, and as you make your way down to your legs, move into a Forward Fold and reach toward and past your toes. Breathe. Feel your troubles washing away with the soapy water. Through your spine, out your hands and feet, and down the drain they go. Goodbye…

Yoga while dressing. Again, you can sneak in a few poses during the me-time that is your ritual for getting ready to leave the house. Come out of the shower, into your bedroom and go straight into Plank Pose. Breathe into Downward Dog, then back to Plank and then Cobra. Stand up slowly, put a few articles of clothing on. Perhaps do a backbend (Wheel pose) if you continue to be undisturbed by family members. If someone calls up to ask what you are doing, just say, “Getting dressed…” and they’ll pretty much leave you alone. Some morning (or pre-going out) twists are nice… slip in Twist A and B. To the right and then the left. Breathe, breathe.

Yoga while bathing your child. Most kids want company while they take a bath, but are usually involved in playing with rubber duckies, boats and such, and merely need you there to ensure safety and for a pal to chat with. Use this time to settle into Lotus on the bathroom floor and do some neck rolls. From there you can work in a Seated Straddle and gradually move into Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose. Don’t forget to breathe. Some quiet conversation with your little guy or gal is perfectly welcome and may bring about a mood of childlike wonder and delight.

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