September 25, 2023

Girls on the Run Helps Teens Build Strength, Team Spirit

A moment like this one is priceless.

I met my running buddy only an hour before this picture was taken. We had an immediate connection…it was FREEZING but we had a goal: to finish a 5K run!

The Girls on the Run 5K is the last stop CELEBRATION for the many elementary school girls who sign up for the program.

Weeks of training. Lessons about having strength. Building character. Forming positive relationships with teammates.

This is Girls on the Run!

That day, I was SO IMPRESSED with my running buddy! She was quick, and kept a great pace! We talked. We laughed. We shared stories.

As we crossed the finish line, I was carrying all of her things. Her water bottle. Coat. Hat. Gloves. We held hands to show our teamwork of getting each other across that FINISH LINE!

This. Is. GOTR!

If this story touches your heart…I’m calling all of my friends now…we need your help! We are in our end of season fundraiser.

GOTR will support ANY girl that wants to join in the program. We do this through offering scholarships. Those scholarships are funded entirely by donations.

If you have even $5 or $10 to spare, IT ALL HELPS and COUNTS to get more girls, like my running buddy here…

…across that finish line!

Please consider donating.

Click on this link to help support GOTR today!