September 26, 2023

Happy Little Trees! Certified Bob Ross Painter Offers Zoom Lessons from Alexandria, NJ

Happy little trees! Keep the landscape painting techniques of Bob Ross alive with Zoom painting lessons from a certified Bob Ross painter right here in Alexandria, New Jersey.

A message from the painter, Ron Russell:

In the late 1980’s I was one of the first 28 artists to be Certified by Bob Ross to teach the method he helped to make famous.

I taught literally thousands of people back then before technology, Social Media, etc.

I am reaching out to ask if there are any people who would be interested in learning this method via Zoom Meetings?

I will make it affordable and am working on some changes to make it easier.

Please send me a Personal Message for specific details. Thanks!

PS: This is my Certification Test painting Critiqued by Bob Ross himself! It’s 34 years old.

Contact Ron Russell on Facebook here