September 25, 2023

Hot Dog! Toby’s Cup of Phillipsburg has Exciting Plans in the Works

I was skulking around Route 22 today waiting to meet with someone. I got hungry after a while and found myself in line at Toby’s Cup.

Started chatting with the guy who was making my hot dogs. I will assume him to be the owner, based on the level of excitement that he displayed while speaking about their plans for the not so distant future.

Thought I would list them here, just so you know that Toby’s Cup is moving with the times and adding accommodations to fit our new quarantine situation… Not to mention just making things better all around!

What’s Changing at Phillipsburg’s Famous Toby’s Cup Hot Dog Stand?

Improvement one is that they are now open 7 days a week. 

Most restaurants and take-out places close at least one day out of the week, so this is pretty huge. You may already know this but I’m listing it anyway because it counts as a perk. We’ve all been that person driving around hangrily on a Monday night wondering where dinner is going to come from.

Next perk is the new credit card machine. 

As Toby’s regulars probably know, until 2021 you had to pay cash if you wanted a hot dog or any type of related food. Now you get to swipe and go! Moving on up! Making things easier for your customers is always a smart idea.

Parking lot paving is on high priority.

If that wasn’t enough to excite you and get you thinking about hot dogs, Toby’s is taking things next-level with BIG plans to change it up. First, they will be repaving the parking lot for a smoother, hassle-free drive into and out of their establishment.

Next, they will add outdoor seating.

There’s currently one rickety old picnic table there, a remnant of the prior ownership which will soon be replaced by sets of tables so that customers can sit and enjoy hot dogs, fries, burgers and shakes in a comfortable outdoor setting.

Toby’s will soon partner with Uber Eats!

This is exciting because before you know it, you will be able to order hot dogs and other Toby’s favorites without ever leaving the couch!

Curbside pickup is coming.

Finally, curbside pickup will be established for the convenience and safety of customers. It won’t be long before you won’t even have to enter the little hot dog shack at all while placing, paying for and picking up your Toby’s food order.

I was joking with the man who served me at the counter, again I guess it’s the owner, that I never manage to get a good picture of my hot dog because as soon as I open the wrapper, I dig right in.

So he helped me stage a quick Toby’s counter selfie and product shot.

At Toby’s Cup, “One With Everything” Means a Hot Dog With Mustard, Onion and Pickle

Thank you again for another delicious eating experience at Toby’s Cup on Route 22 in Lopatcong/ Phillipsburg NJ.