September 25, 2023

I Hate Winter. You?

Winter. How do you feel about it? It’s not my favorite season. Google tells me that people around the world agree.

This picture captures how I feel about winter. However, despite my dread of the season of frozen dead things, I know what to do to keep my spirits up when the temps drop.

The featured picture in this post is from yesterday. I got my morning exercise in early. I need sunshine at this time of the year or I turn into a grumpy troll.

I found this out in my twenties when someone invited me on a ski trip to Vermont. I had been spending the afternoons languishing at my desk under fluorescent lighting, breathing in the bad air from dusty vents in corporate cubicle land, and just feeling downtrodden.

Then came frigid February… one week on the slopes in the sunshine, even with my toes going completely numb and my kneecaps about to pop off (skiing wasn’t my sport), I felt so incredibly energized and happy.

I don’t ski… That was just an experiment, albeit a fun one. But because of that discovery, at this time of year I do make it a priority to turn my face to the sun when it makes an appearance.

In this picture, I tried to smile through the blistering cold at 9:00 a.m. and this is what my face did instead 😂ðŸĪŠâ›„ðŸŒĻïļ Good thing I have all this hair.

Have you been told that you have “SAD”? I believe we all are prone to this affliction that psychology professionals made up a name for so that people would feel better with a label and diagnosis for what they experience every winter.

I think it’s only natural for humans to feel a dip in mood and the urge to borrow away and hibernate when it’s cold, dark, and everything is more difficult in general.

If cabin fever is getting to you, fight the feelings. Get outside and look up. Soak in that vitamin D any chance you get. Move your body. Get your blood flowing. Breathe fresh clean air.

What’s coming out of our heating vents? Who knows? It’s bound to make you feel yucky. So catch some relief, layer up and head outdoors while the sun is high.

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