September 21, 2023

In Tune with Your Inner Being | Yoga for Runners with Suzanne

When we stay in tune with our inner being…we recharge our power. Yoga and meditation is important for me as a runner to seek gratitude in my capabilities. As a human being it allows me to reset my focus. It sets me back in the present moment, and sketches a blueprint for my well-being and success.

I can easily get sucked back into conflicting thoughts, I can easily get drawn into a vortex of shit that promises success, and elation but only delivers despair and destruction.

Today seek what is good. Demand nothing but will fill you with happiness, and promise. Leave toxic crap where it belongs, and rise above the people and things you set you back. This leg of the my journey always brings challenge….but this woman will always bring grit, and self-will.

Rise up today from wherever you are. Re-set. Re center. Re-focus, and then hold yourself..tell yourself you’re listening…you are trying…and that you are loved.

Suzanne Swanson makes it her personal mission to help people on the path to recovery. Her own struggles with alcohol and food have led her to a place of wanting to give back to the world.

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