September 28, 2023

Lead Capture Strategy: What Not To Do

Need a solid lead capture strategy? Email selling is the ideal way to set yourself up for passive income. It’s actually ingenious. You show up in someone’s inbox and start chatting them up. Give them advice they WANT and NEED. Now they love you. <3 When it’s time for you to launch a digital product, they are READY to go!

What Are Leads?

Leads are warm-to-hot prospects. It’s not your mother and aunt who follow your Instagram. It’s not the parents of your children’s friends from school who Facebook friended you. You can sell to people like this if they happen to want what you have.  But you’ll have to be much more assertive, and it will take much longer for them to buy because they weren’t looking for what you had in the first place.

Someone who is ACTIVELY LOOKING is a warm or hot prospect. The internet, and Google is IDEAL for you to attract them. How do you show up on Google? By posting TOPIC-relevant content on your WEBSITE.

Warm-to-hot leads already want what you offer. They discovered you by searching for something important that they need.

  • A lead has a problem that needs solving.
  • A lead is searching for information on a topic that you’re an expert at solving.
  • A lead is shopping around for solutions – services, or information products.
  • A lead will be more likely to sign up for your list, because they want to learn from you.

Leads find YOU because you put content out there that attracted them. A lead is ready, or almost ready. They’re shopping around for EXACTLY what you offer.

What is Lead Capture?

It’s the process by which you drive new email signups and add subscribers to your list. Lead capture is a guided process, driven by you. First, a hot prospect finds your content online. Then they engage with it, and decide to sign up.

They won’t take the steps by themselves. You must guide them along, so they don’t become a dropped lead.

Email Marketing Lead Capture Strategy:

How to NOT Lose Hot Leads

Why are they hot? They already wanted what you have. THEY found YOU… not the other way around. YOU attracted them with your searchable content that matches the issue they’re having in their life.

Email selling requires that you… steer the car, if you will. Your potential customer is the passenger and you’re behind the wheel. You’ll hit several stops along your destination.

Your prospect could decide to hop out of the car and go running in another direction at any time. Get them to STAY in the car, so that you can drive them to your signup form, and complete the actions that will put them on your list.

Is it calculated? Of course! This is email marketing. It is what it is. 

Make Your Lead Capture Form Convert

No dropped leads!

Let me give you the exact moments when your potential customer could decide to veer off course, and end up a dropped lead. Then get the exact steps for how to fix it!

A web surfer landed there because a search phrase they typed in matched what you typed in your post. Bing-bong. It’s a love connection. Now you want to get them on your list.

If your content isn’t strong or engaging enough, they might not sign up.

To fix this, use powerful verbs. Choose active voice. Opt for short sentences. Keep your post short so they won’t have to click to read more.

If they don’t see where your signup link is, they won’t sign up.If you’ve opted to post the signup link in the first comment of a social media thread, they might not see it.

To fix it, TELL THEM IN THE POST to sign up in the first comment.

If you haven’t posted the link to your signup page, they won’t sign up.

To fix it, you MUST include a call to action that blatantly tells them what to do. If you don’t, they will not!

If your “signup” is “Email me at [your email],” it’s less likely they’ll sign up.

To fix it, post a sign-up link that leads them to a LANDING PAGE where they can drop their contact info into a form and click SUBMIT.

If your signup page is confusing or the form is broken, they may not sign up.

To fix it… well, fix it! Be sure to test your forms after you post code for them on your landing page. Have a friend test out the form and lead capture process to be sure everything works.

If your welcome email lands in spam, they won’t complete their signup.

An incomplete signup is a dead lead. Fix it: finesse the wording and remove spam triggers. Sign up for your own list so you’ll know if an email that you sent out doesn’t reach your subscribers.

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