September 28, 2023

Mask Maker of Alpha NJ Still Donating to Food Pantries, New Fabrics Just In!

I just wanted to post a quick update on the Mask Making Lady of Alpha, NJ – Kammy is her name. She’s gotten tons of orders since our previous blog article went out – thank you so much to all who have ordered. Your purchase is helping to feed local families in need.

(This was the picture of all the food she donated – so incredibly generous!)

Her CURRENT pricing (subject to change) is $5 per mask and she is still currently donating 100% of the cost of the mask to the Trinity Soup Kitchen in Bethlehem, PA and the Presbyterian Church’s food bank in Alpha.

I normally try not to retype pricing and things like that in my blog or social posts in the event that the number changes down the road. Below you’ll find some information on her latest fabrics for the masks.

Email Kammy to place an order:

[kammyjohnson0987 AT], (please change the AT to an actual @ sign the way you would type in an email.)

In the subject line of your email, type the word MASKS.

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