March 25, 2023

Monetize Your Website With Cheap, GOOD Content from Me! Big Sale on PLR

MONETIZE your website for a song! We’re doing 50% off ALL PLR in the Wordfeeder content store using coupon code DMV.

If you’re a blogger or niche publisher but you’re not familiar with private label rights content, get with the program!

This stuff is plentiful, cheap and good, BUT at these prices you want keep an eye out and do quality checks.

My writer mom friends and I pump this out, so the writing can vary from PLR seller to seller. Stick with me and I’ll make sure you get the BEST content in the business. 

Here’s a vid of me talking about the 50% off sale at Wordfeeder. 🙂 I actually hope no one watches this… ugh 

I’ll give a quick example of what this is. Say you launched a Fitness website and you have products to promote, like gear and apparel.

You need some good content to get people on your list so you can email them each time you run a sale. I sell articles covering topics like weight loss motivation, exercise tips and healthy recipes.

Grab these from me, edit however you like, change titles and publish on your site. Keep on doing this. Here comes the traffic! The articles and recipes that I create come in packs of 10 or 15 or so.

Here’s the kind of content I offer with Wordfeeder’s FREE membership OR paid monthly:

Life Coaching Content. Topics include positive psych, relationship advice, 30-day journaling and email challenges, gratitude content, stress relief courses and MUCH more. Ala carte AND Flat Fee Monthly Membership available.

Weight Loss Content. If you’re a health and fitness or low-carb publisher you know you need articles to put on your blog, create opt-ins to grow your list, sell ebooks, promote affiliate links and much more.

Business Articles. Anyone in internet marketing knows the crazy demand for content like this. Send out more marketing emails, get more sign-ups, sell courses and ebooks.

We also have Health & Wellness, Cooking, Essential Oils, Simple Living content and more.

WARNING: I email content deals out almost daily.

I am a FREQUENT emailer offering tons of sick deals on hot content topics, so watch out.  Choose your email address wisely for hearing from me. You’ll either be really excited or kinda mad at me depending on which inbox I show up in. 😉

Visit for more info and grab some of our BEST article packs, 30-day challenges and more for a whopping 50% off using coupon code DMV! Ends soon. 🙂