September 28, 2023

Nasturtium Health Benefits | Hilltop Herbals Clinton NJ, Easton PA

Did you know that nasturtium flowers are edible? These commonly known garden flowers ward off pests and disease to keep your plants healthy. But that’s only the beginning!

Nasturtium flowers are both pretty and nutritious. They can be fermented into a delicious vinegar that boasts amazing health benefits. The minerals in Nasturtium extract nicely into apple cider vinegar. Here’s some info about Nasturtium flowers.

Nasturtium, Tropaeolum majus, is a herbaceous plant that has been used in traditional medicine in South and Central America since the 1500’s. The flowers and green leaves are high in vitamin C, quercetin and beta carotene.

According to studies, the flowers contain 130 milligrams of vitamin C per 3.5 oz serving. Nasturtium flowers are rich in antioxidants including lutein which protects against free radical damage and is supportive for eye and skin health, and at 45 ml per 100 gram serving, it is amount the highest amount found in any plant/ herb.

Nasturtium is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal,expectorant, and anti cancer.

Other essential nutrients found in Nasturtium are potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, and iron. These minerals all extract nicely into the apple cider vinegar, making a beautiful, orange-color, flavored vinegar with a peppery flavor from the flower.

Used as a condiment, nasturtium vinegar makes a lovely addition to a festive table setting. Enjoy!

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