September 25, 2023

Never Give Up | Running With Suzanne

Every day we make a choice. Today I choose to NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.

The work is hard and tiring… but the road is paved with self satisfaction, and a joy that no one person can ever take from me.

Find what you love and do it… do it with fire in your eyes. Do it with a smile. Do it happy or sad… alone or afraid. Just know that every day you are writing your legacy… how will you leave your mark on this world?

How will they remember you? Someone is watching you. Be kind… be bold… but be undoubtedly an example of good.

Now let’s get this done.

Writer, competitive runner and visionary Suzanne Swanson shares inspiring words on the Run Before You Fly blog. She seeks to help those struggling in unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol to overcome their blocks and move on to self love. Sign up for inspirational emails from Suzanne. Join her running, healthy lifestyle and emotional support group on Facebook! We’re encouraging, motivating, celebrating, believing in, and cheering for one another. We’d love to meet and know you!


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