September 21, 2023

New Online Marketplace. No Hidden Fees or BS.

If you sell digital or physical goods online or have been thinking about joining the marketplace, this could be for you.

Fed up with Etsy Fees? Join Amber Jalink’s Inspired Fun Marketplace

I have a huge opportunity that you might want to hear about if you sell digital or physical goods or want to start.

For $15 you can join a brand new marketplace – Amber Jalink’s Inspired Fun

I don’t know about you, but I love getting in on entrepreneur opps at the grassroots level. There’s just something so positive about the synergy of a newly formed group.

I know everything goes through this cycle and we tend to trust the names we know. But then the bearers of those names get too big for their britches and start taking advantage.

That’s when it’s time to get out and form a new alliance with an up-and-comer.

Do you want to be able to sell both physical and digital goods in a safe, friendly online marketplace that’s fair in terms of pricing?

Amber Jalink has founded a new marketplace site called Inspired Fun.

This news came to me from a six-figure printables sellers.

Some of the bigger marketplaces just have so much junk and so many fees that it’s hard to break through.

Amber is doing a smart thing right now. She’s reaching out through her existing connections and forming a new home base where people can sell digital goods.

She’s also giving you entry for just $15… but only through August 11th.

There will probably be some bumps as things gear up. But that is all par for the course when you’re dealing with DIY online business owners.

What would you put up for sale if there wasn’t all of the complicated issues and hidden fees with some of the more popular marketplace websites?

Why not try it out on Inspired Fun and see how it goes! This is such a great time to get in.

Be one of the first vendors to access this brand new selling site! If word spreads the way it is going right now, this is surely going to be a high quality selling experience.

When you become a seller right now, you get:

  • Your own product store hosted on her marketplace
  • The option to sell as many as 100 products including both digital and physical products
  • No restrictions on the number of items you sell
  • NO monthly fees, NO listing fees, NO commissions subtracted from your sales totals

Join now for instant access. You get one year of the above listed features and the intro pricing which only lasts for a few more days.

Only $15 now through August 11th.