September 28, 2023

PBurg’s No 1 China Installs Ingenious, Germ Barrier Doorway So They Can Keep Taking Your Food Orders During Quarantine

One thing I love is to see businesses that go the extra mile for their customers. In the summer of Coronavirus, Number One China in Lopatcong is doing just that.

In response to the Coronavirus quarantine and subsequent temporary closing of their Chinese food establishment, No. 1 China on Stryker Rd. found a workaround solution.  The reopening of their restaurant has No. 1 China’s face-mask-clad employees greeting customers with curbside service by way of a plexi-glass door shield.

Chinese takeout lady: “Take the glove, put on hand, take your food!”  Me: HUH? (does it)

The customer parks their car, places mask over their face, approaches the front door of the restaurant and is greeted by a face-mask wearing employee who then confirms their order number.

Once the food is bagged and ready to go, the customer places their cash into a small protected receptacle or puts their credit card through a narrow slot in the plexiglass door.  Change is dispensed or their card is returned to them through the slot, with the protective glass remaining in place for the entire transaction.

The customer is then requested to place a provided plastic glove in hand. They are instructed to use their gloved hand to retrieve their bagged food order which is passed through a window that is temporarily opened by the employee and then quickly closed again as soon as the Chinese food order has been fulfilled.

shrimp and broccoli with white sauce… my fave.

Are you hungry for Chinese food and local to the Phillipsburg area? Place your order for any of the old standard favorites… sweet and sour chicken, General Tso’s , beef with broccoli, wonton soup, egg rolls, dumplings… you name it, they’ll cook it up.

(In case you haven’t noticed, all Chinese takeout places serve exactly the same food.)

I’d also like to give a shout out to No. 1 China in Lopatcong for making some tasty steamed pork dumplings which are a constant on my order. Believe or not, some places can really screw these up. Thankfully, No. 1 China has the proper filling-to-dumpling wrapper ratio which really makes my day.

Also, the dipping sauce that comes with the dumplings is tangy, salty and perfect AND they take the trouble to chop up the scallions. Scallions make the difference if you ask me.

If that wasn’t enough info for you, here’s a video of me talking about this. I will probably be mortified that I did this and delete the video later.

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Contact Info for Chinese Food in PBurg:

No. 1 China
Strykers Rd.
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
908 387 9880

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