September 25, 2023

Roofing Services in NJ Bill Collins Roofing Rocks

Searching for a reliable roofing company? Check out Bill Collins Roofing in Sewell, NJ. Ask them if they serve your area!

Perks of working with Bill Collins Roofing:

They’re fast.

I have watched them tear off a roof and have a new one up in a single day.

They show up early and they leave late.

That has to do with getting the job done and that’s what these guys are about.

They save the detailed repair work for last on the list.

That way they can get the easy stuff out of the way and then focus on things like structural repairs that need to be made before replacing a roof on say, a porch overhang.

They clean up.

These roofers will come in with dumpsters and it will look like a holy mess for a little while, but by the end of the job all roofing related debris will be removed.

They’re proactive about safety. 

Bill Collins Roofing will let you know ahead of time that you may want to move objects out of the way such as lawn chairs and similar structures, park your car elsewhere during the roofing work and they will show general concern for your property.

They’ll drive a good distance for a good roofing job opportunity.

I’m not actually sure what areas they serve but we are in central New Jersey and I believe they drove up here from South Jersey. They have been here working for about a week and they’re doing an awesome job.

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