September 28, 2023

Run in the Rain: Yes? No? Or Treadmill?? | Rainy Day Exercise Tips from Fitness Trainer Chuck Hollywood

Trying to be good and stick to your running or jogging routine, but it’s cold and rainy outside? Here’s a little motivation for you from fun-loving fitness coach Chuck Hollywood. Follow Chuck on TikTok for daily inspiration with your health and fitness goals!

Fitness Trainer Chuck Hollywood is Faced with a Looming Decision. The Pressure is On. Will he Run in the Cold Rain? Or Will it be the Treadmill Today?!

Can’t Stand the Suspense Any Longer? Watch this TikTok Video to Find Out If Chuck Chose to Run in the Rain, or Opted for the Treadmill, Now!

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Tips for Running in Rain, Cold or Other Inclement Weather

Don’t slip.

Wear running shoes with good traction. There could be some slippery spots out there to contend with.

Layer up.

Dress in layers. If you get too hot, stash the extra clothing in your car. If you get too cold… add a layer!

Change it up.

Bring a dry change of clothing just in case. Even if you think you’re going straight home to dry off, you could get stuck somewhere or delayed, and no one wants to be cold and soggy, fogging up the windows of their car.

Steer clear of leaf piles.

Avoid stepping in piles of wet leaves, and watch out for mossy patches. Both could cause you to slip and fall.

Sing in the rain.

Choose music to go along with your rainy day theme. It’s Raining Men from the Weather Girls, Tina Turner’s I Can’t Stand the Rain, Rain Song by Led Zeppelin, Love Reign (Rain) O’er Me (The Who) and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck could deliver inspiration to keep you going.

Microfiber is the way.

Wear fabrics like microfiber if possible. Excess moisture is wicked away, even if you get caught in a downpour! It’s like the old Tom and Jerry Cartoons where Jerry throws a bucket of water on Tom and he’s dry again in two seconds. Well, sort of. Okay, not really at all.

Hide in your car.

If it starts to thunder and lightning, take cover in your car. Your vehicle is grounded with a rubber gasket, making it one of the safest places to be in an electrical storm. Either that, or stand by a tall tree holding your house keys (JUST KIDDING, DO NOT DO THAT!)

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