September 25, 2023

Steady Your Hands, Plant Your Feet. Running and Life Motivation from Suzanne

Placing my feet to the pavement… I acknowledge today that can only do so much. The heat has packed a punch, and my training runs have definitely fallen short.

Raising my face to the firing blaze of the sun… I connect within to feel and gain my own personal power.

I don’t have it together every day. I ride the ferris wheel of doubt, and choice… of uncertainty, and anguish. I pray for better outcomes of this often crazy world, and unsettled times.

But I know a belief within starts with a yearning to create a life that escapes repetitive nonsense, excavates deep rooted joy even when I think it’s not possible, and reveals that my faith is needed only in the size of a mustard seed to move mountains.

Ground your feet. Hold tight to the thing that won’t stop pushing you to a higher purpose. It’s okay to be just where you are today. It’s okay to start over tomorrow… it’s okay to wade in deep thought to heal your mind.

Ride the ferris wheel… but don’t forget to get off. Steady your hands, and plant your feet.

Let’s make today beautiful…

Writer, competitive runner and visionary Suzanne Swanson shares inspiring words on the Run Before You Fly blog. She helps those in unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol to overcome their blocks and move on to self love. Join her running, healthy lifestyle and emotional support group on Facebook!