September 25, 2023

Stop, Look, Listen: Mindfulness Tip from Life Coach Marie

Railroad Crossing: Stop, Look, Listen

I’ve seen that sign hundreds of times but it really stuck with me when I saw this past weekend.

The warning sign is also a good when making life decisions. How many times have you rushed into something and regretted that you did? I’ve done that. It’s not fun.

Sometimes we make hasty decisions when we aren’t sure which direction to go in.

What are some of the warning signs you have ignored in life? Do you feel stuck now?

Stop, look, listen can also be a lesson in mindfulness. Mindfulness is about being fully present in the moment.

When we’re mindful, we slow down and take in what’s around us with all of our senses.

When we stop, look and listen, we get to pause and use our observation skills to see where we’ve been, what’s coming and figure out what we need to do next. We can decide where we want to go and how to get there.

Not sure how to get unstuck or get back on the right track? You can do it! Just look for the signs.

About Life Coach Marie

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