September 25, 2023

Super Bowl Garlic Ricotta Herb Dip – Easy, Healthy Recipe

Photo copyright Erich Boenzli,

My Healthy, Happy meanderings led me to some friends across the Delaware River… creative chefs, nature enthusiasts and DIY crafter husband-and-wife blogging team Viana and Erich of Maplewood Road. Just look what they’ve whipped up in time for your next fun gathering… Easy Garlic Herb Ricotta Dip that takes just minutes to make.

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, you’ll want to stash some great recipe ideas in your back pocket to take along to a friend’s or host big game night at your house.

Over on the Maplewood Road blog, they’re running a Healthy Super Bowl Recipes marathon, and this one is a touchdown as far as I’m concerned. (Uh, yes, I really just said that.)

The commentary on this quick-to-prepare, hearty and delicious garlic, herb and ricotta dip starts out as follows…

“As soon as you start chopping the fresh basil leaves and start smashing the garlic cloves, you want to start dipping. Chopping releases the essential oils of the herbs, while smashing garlic cloves does the same to the garlic….” Read the rest on the Maplewood Road blog, and follow along with their Super Bowl Dips Series right here.

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