September 25, 2023

Support Hunterdon, Warren County No-Kill Animal Shelter with Fundraiser to Expand their Facility | Common Sense for Animals, Stewartsville, NJ

A Message from Common Sense for Animals, No-Kill Animal Shelter Serving Warren, Hunterdon, Morris Counties in NJ

Common Sense for Animals has served the Hunterdon and Warren County area of NJ with their pet rescue effort and no-kill shelter since 1990. The time has come to expand their facility in order to continue housing their residents – dogs rescued from both the local area  and the southern U.S. states, as well as cats, rodents, birds, fish, and exotic pets.

Common Sense for Animals No-Kill Shelter is in need of support to raise funds for a new, expanded shelter on the donated lot.

Your support is needed to help Common Sense for Animals build a new shelter on a lot owned entirely by CSA and operated through their board of trustees. Currently, their animal shelter is located on a lot which also houses owner and veterinarian Dr. Blease’s home and animal hospital.

Dr. Blease owns two lots next door totaling 4 acres. He will donate these two commercial lots to CSA to build a 12,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, no-kill shelter and headquarters for CSA (Common Sense for Animals).

How to Help: Donate to the Common Sense for Animals “Build the Shelter” Fund

CSA will be the sole owner and operator, with all efforts overseen by their board of trustees. Currently CSA  has 1/3 of the money to start building. The township has approved their engineering, survey, and plans. The new shelter will be four times the size of their current modified barn.

“Without building the new shelter,” says Dr. Blease, “our animals currently housed are at risk.”

The expanded facility will enable the no-kill shelter to find homes for over 2,500 homeless animals every year.

Build the Shelter:

Support Animal Rescue Efforts in Hunterdon and Warren County, NJ

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A message from Common Sense for Animals and Dr. Blease:

Your support will build a brighter future for shelter animals and promote CSA philosophy. We can double our adoptions to 3,000 per year. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Common Sense for Animals: Who We Are

Common Sense for Animals is a Non-Profit Corp dedicated to animals. Our philosophy is that all animals are entitled to be
treated with respect and dignity, regardless of how they fit into our lives. We stress the importance of the environment and

  • We operate a brick and mortar shelter handling 1200 to 1500 animals per year.
  • We speak out against irresponsible pet owners for cruelty.
  • We support and help our pets, food animals, wild life, and research animals, against unwanted and needless research.
  • We educate what is animal welfare through our shelter, publications, websites, and lectures.
  • We educate the importance of pet population through spay/neuter programs, and trap neuter release programs.
  • We are the only Non Kill shelter serving dogs and cats in Hunterdon and Warren County.
  • We are home for stray animals for 48 townships and 5 counties including Warren, Hunterdon, and Morris.
  • We rescue dogs and puppies from down South, and we take in unwanted, injured, and lost pets on a regular basis.

This Blog Post was Created with Much Thanks, from All of My Pets Who Came from CSA

Your support is needed to help us expand and to help.

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