September 25, 2023

Teach a Course Online Using Ruzuku, They Walk You Through All the Steps AND They Have a Free Trial

Ever want to create a course online? Do you know something that other people want to know? Do you have tips, tricks, mad skills, sought-after info and credentials?

There has never been a better time than now to break out and try something new – like creating and selling a course on the web. Stop reading those Facebook posts designed to polarize society. Instead, BE that person who people watch and learn from… NOT the passive onlooker gawking from the sidelines. This is seriously how the world is becoming now. Stop scrolling and start creating! I dare you.

Ruzuku is a powerful course creation software that lets you share your expertise with other people who want to know what you know.

People rave about the platform, the ease of use and the finished product. I did my free trial… I have seen this software from the inside, and it’s pretty amazing stuff.

One perk I noticed immediately with Ruzuku is that there is a thriving community within the member area. This is huge. You’ll meet savvy professionals who have the same goals and questions as you do. You’ll network with like minds, and you’ll help each other navigate Ruzuku as a new and potentially lucrative territory for all to profit from by association.

Another thing I noticed during my trial subscription is that you can just show up with absolutely no course plans in place. Their software guides you through the creation steps. If there’s something you aren’t sure about or you might want to give it more thought, you can always save your work and come back later to fill in the blanks, upload any needed graphics and so forth.

If you feel like making a course in MS Word is a bit of a rookie move for what you offer the world, then maybe it’s time to level up. Head on over to Ruzuku and start your free trial today.

What do you want to know about Creating a Course in Ruzuku? Here’s a list of options that come with this brilliant software:

  • This is an interactive course – your students get to log in, post profiles, upload pictures, ask questions about the course to send via email.
  • You can set up a file or files to automatically download to your course user via email – such as PDFs, MS Word docs, PowerPoint, more.
  • You can create free or paid courses using their platform. Free courses work great as a list builder. The bigger the list, the more you profit!
  • You can run the same course multiple times. Could be a yearly seasonal course that you run as a sale item. Like a Gratitude Course around Thanksgiving…. or a home based business mastery course in September.
  • Ruzuku platform integrates with Mail Chimp (not sure about other email software – you’ll have to ask!)
  • You can give users a choice in how much they pay for the course. This is a thing that people are now doing online!
  • Students can progress through course sections and mark each as completed.
  • You can send email updates to all students who are currently signed up for your course.
  • PayPal and Stipe are both accepted forms of payment.
  • Your courses can include slide presentations, video courses, automatic recording of materials,  group chat and much more.

If you think Ruzuku’s course software sounds incredible, so do I… and it is!

We’re stuck in a pandemic, right? May as well create something amazing that you can use to help others learn what you know and get paid for your expertise in the process. Also, remember this. Whatever you are skilled in, whether it’s culinary arts, origami, building a lawn care empire, catering parties, translating English to German, how to plan a wedding, creative writing, growing herbs, refinishing furniture, yoga, or something else… YOU may think everyone else already knows what you know. BUT THEY DON’T.

They’re stuck at home, waiting for direction… so give them some!

If you’re a consultant who’s lost some hourly business recently due to the pandemic situation, heads up! An online course can be the way to go.

Group courses are MUCH more affordable than hourly consultations. The more people on your mailing list, the more you stand to profit. AND the more people you influence while bringing the price down to something doable for them. Selling a course can be a worthwhile income stream that you can recycle year after year, to keep the profits coming. Once you do it, you’ll know exactly how… and then you can sell even more courses!

Give yourself some time before you launch.

(Yes, know, it’s summer. Who’s thinking about taking a course now? Lots of people! Plus, if you sign up now and start creating, you can take your own, sweet time and enjoy every moment of creation. Your course will be ready to rock in September… awesome!)

Go here now to start your free trial with Ruzuku. I opened a free trial myself, they are totally legit and a quality company to create with!


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