September 25, 2023

The Daffodil Drive of Warren County

Well, since there isn’t much else to do in these days of social distancing other than go to the park and then go back home again, we thought we’d take a Daffodil Drive along the way. Actually I should specify. I was the one looking to stop and snap pictures of daffodils. My son wanted nothing to do with this activity. I guess it all started because we were hoping to see some small rocks along the road. We wanted to get some rocks for a future quarantine project – rock painting. But then our rock hunt turned into me taking pictures of daffodils.

Spotted these lovelies peeking out from under a bench at Heritage Park in Bloomsbury which was our Park of Choice on Sunday. Even the basketball courts are roped off there. Though we did see some people riding horses.
It didn’t take long for my son to grow tired of me stopping the car every 30 feet to take more pictures of people’s daffodils. Well, hey, they’re everywhere!
Daffodils spotted on a scenic little side road in Pohatcong. I was down there hoping to find farm eggs. Figured it would be wise to avoid an unnecessary trip to Shoprite. I did get the eggs!… and a few more pictures of daffodils!!
This is my favorite picture of all the daffodils that we happened upon along our way. I had to climb a few steps up a little hill to get this angle. My son was pretty annoyed at this point! 😀
Daffodils on Creek Road in Pohat. 🙂
Daffodils peeking out from around the corner. By the way, if you need photos of daffodils for any reason, feel free to swipe these particular images. I’m not going to claim the copyright or anything.
Daffodils dotting the hill.
I’m quite fond of the way daffodils grow in ready-to-pick bouquets. These pictures were not taken the same day as the other ones. I went to Well Sweep Herb Farm on Saturday and couldn’t resist taking more pictures of daffodils!
I like the way these daffodils are juxtaposed with a gnarled old tree stump. This picture is like life and death.
Daffodils against a stone wall. One of my favorite things to see in spring time…
Daffodils by the chicken coops at Well Sweep Herb Farm. We were thinking about going into the gift shop, but then we got concerned about social distancing. So we left! Thank you for letting us have a look around, we’ll be sure to support you with a purchase some other time!
I think these were taken at Well Sweep too? Not sure now. At this point you may have figured out that these pictures were taken on THREE different drives, not one!

Did you plant any spring flowers this year? Got daffodils? Share your pics in our Healthy Happy NJ Facebook group!

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