September 28, 2023

The Road is Your Teacher | Run With Suzanne | Running Motivation

We don’t always come to heal ourselves willingly. We sit with our pain. We allow it to stay. We make excuses to try to convince ourselves “ we can’t help it”. Familiarity and Fear are persuasive. They’re cunning. Their teeth are sharp, and the lure is enticing.

Hope has a determinate voice. It speaks so loudly at times that we can’t hear it. It also speaks so softly to force us to be still and quiet enough to hear its promise.

You may not think you can beat whatever it is that stings so deeply… hurts so vastly… or stuns you from growth and betterment.

Hope calls you daily… it’s time you answer. Meet yourself right where you stand today, and know that the road is a teacher. These paved lines that are crooked and worn, tired yet strong are very much like my journey. They tell a story of wear and tear, both solid and broken… but always lead you to the place you need to be.

Be happy just because… and do not let toxic people, places, or things steal not one more minute. Eyes straight ahead… And with a peaceful heart may you arrive in your place of healing.

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