September 28, 2023

The ShopRite Can-Can Sale is This Week

Today is Wednesday, January 4… day one of the 2023 Can-Can Sale at Shoprite. I believe the savings event runs for 4 days. Best make a trip over there before stock dwindles too low. They already have posted signs on some of the shelves indicating that the supply chain is still problematic.

This is certainly a year to be a smart shopper, and stash some food for your family. The canned and boxed foods that are typically discounted would be considered pantry essentials to make a quick, easy and healthy meal.

I jotted myself a quick note on my phone to make sure I didn’t overlook any of the deals. The pasta aisle was already nearly bare by the time I got there. Here’s what I picked up… please excuse the typos in my note.

The ShopRite Can-Can sale is in its 50th year. Who would believe it? Sad, though, that none of these youngsters hum the song while traveling up and down the aisle collecting different varieties of soup, like I do.

“Now, Shoprite has its can-can, everything is cans cans, Shoprite, Shoprite cans… from apple sauce to zucchini… etc. etc.

Now’s the time to stock up while the value’s right.”

Or something like that.

Go get Tutorosso canned tomatoes, Campbell’s and Progresso soups, Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, Colgate toothpaste, Bumble Bee tuna, and Bowl and Baket Beans and Veggies tomorrow!

Your family will thank you for all of this great food. And your wallet will thank you, too.