December 3, 2023

Today Just Do Your Best | Suzanne’s Corner

Today is simple. Wake up and do your best. We all need support, we all need encouragement. We need laughter, and appreciation for others. We need help from time to time, we need acceptance and humbleness to be teachable and to grow.

We need a few good friends, we need more sincerity and a lot less posed fakeness.

I have crawled from the depths of hell out of my alcohol addiction. I have lost 90 pounds not by sheer luck but by discipline, and hard days, mixed with both tears of deflated failure and of joy.

I have learned how to negotiate running as my beautiful outlet for this batshit crazy world I live in, for the toxic people and negative people I must deal with, and for the continued benefits of my health and well being.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to tie your laces. Only you know where you’ve been… where you are… and where your are heading. As for me… today I slip on my headband… sip the rocket fuel… smile… and go celebrate that I get to wake up and do what I love

#rocketfuelinmycup #tiedyefashion #donttouchmylaces

Suzanne Swanson makes it her personal mission to help people on the path to recovery. Her own struggles with alcohol and food have led her to a place of wanting to give back to the world.

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