September 21, 2023

Turn Your Life Around. Powerful Words from North Jersey Life Coach and Fitness Motivator Jesse Williams

I want you all to know that my interest in you is that you develop healthy lifestyles. I believe that by examining your behavior in the way you are thinking, reacting, and eating right now; you can turn your life completely around.

Too many young people begin taking and then continue to stay on medications due to a lack of applying knowledge in their lives.

I also think and believe that you can’t be medicated into health. But you can be medicated into dependency if you refuse to change and apply knowledge you learn on how so many things affect your health.

I strongly endorse a positive outlook in life. This means getting control of our over reacting emotions, as well as controlling what we put in our body. Getting some exercise in will prolong our lives. This means we can feel good on the inside as well as look good on the outside.

I have asked several people that have had heart attacks or heart conditions: What is your doctor telling you? For every reply, I heard…

    • “Cut back on (something),” and

    • “Go for daily walks (exercise).”

Let’s make every effort for the rest of this year to “turn our lives around,” by adapting healthy behaviors. Think Healthy Live Healthy. This is your year! Claim it! A better ’22 for you!

Wellness coach and influencer Jesse Williams runs the Turn Your Life Around health and fitness motivation group on Facebook. Click the link to join now! He runs competitively for health, community and as his ongoing personal challenge. Jesse serves as a certified life coach at Zion Ministries, based out of Bergen County, New Jersey.