September 26, 2023

Venison Cheese Steak: Quick, Healthy and Delicious

Love cheese steak but hoping for a healthier choice than what you might find in the frozen foods section of your grocery store? Look no farther than the woods of scenic Warren County, NJ.

Our neighbor gave me a few packages of venison chip steak the other day. He said it’s not his thing. As soon as I saw it I knew this was going to be the best cheese steak ever. Why?

Venison, otherwise known as deer meat, is loaded with nutrition. This is what you call a grass-fed animal… humanely caught, butchered fast and with care, and the meat was frozen in a timely fashion. Any beast that roams the woods and eats tree bark and plants that grew from the loamy soil of mountainous Warren County is going to be rich in minerals and flavor.

Does the thought of eating venison gross you out? Some people can’t get past the gaminess. This cheese steak tasted a bit bolder than beef. But don’t forget that most of the meat you get in the grocery store comes from animals living in inhumane conditions. The cows are primarily fed corn which is high in sugar, and they don’t get to move much or go outside. We’ve gotten used to the resulting lack of taste. That doesn’t make it right or healthy, though. Think about it.

So yes. The man handed me venison chip steak. I put it in a big skillet on medium-high with some onion pieces and a little oil (because venison tends to be much leaner than beef). Kept the meat moving around the pan, I would say this took about five minutes or so to change from pink to medium.

I shut off the heat so the meat wouldn’t become tough. Then I added in some chunks of red pepper. I don’t like my peppers overcooked, though you might. If that’s the case, add them in at the same time as the onions.

Covered the venison chip steak with copious amounts of cheese, glorious cheese… then gave everything a quick blast of the heat one more time. Popped the cover on to melt the cheddar.

I didn’t have a roll, so I put slices of Calandra’s bread in the toaster oven to crisp up a bit. Then I added a little butter. Used a spatula to transfer the cheese steak with peppers and onions to rest on top of the buttered toast, for open faced sandwiches. Sprinkled a little more cheese on for good measure.

Oh! I would most definitely have added some Frank’s Red Hot sauce to this meal, but we ran out.

Everyone enjoyed our venison cheese steak sandwiches! Next time you have some venison chip steak that you don’t know what to do with, why not try it?

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