September 21, 2023

What Should a Life Coach (or Any Expert) Publish During a Pandemic Scare?

Hey, friends. I wanted to reach out to you during what is becoming a difficult time for many. I’ve got moms on my list who are a bit frantic over being stuck at home for 2 weeks suddenly having to become homeschool teachers and balance working their actual jobs from home. We of course have the polarizing arguments kicking up on social media. People at the park but keeping a distance… so they can SEE friends, but they’re not allowed to GO to the friends they see. And everyone buying up all the dang toilet paper, jeez!

So this is what you should be publishing as a life coach. Help your readers find purpose again. Get them out of the obsessive mindset. That’s what they really need. Today it seemed like my family had morphed into a bunch of frantic rats in a maze with no way out. So I stopped the insanity and taught my son how to make grilled cheese and we ate it with tomato soup. Then we spent a glorious afternoon exploring nature.

Did you know that fear and worry activate fight or flight in our nervous system? We begin secreting cortisol and move from parasympathetic to sympathetic nervous system functions. Pulse quickens, breathing becomes shallow, and mind goes in looping, obsessive circles.

Another thing that happens during obsessive thinking is that we forget to live in the moment. We’re either fretting about what already happened, or dreading what’s going to happen. The gloom and doom mindset need not sap us of our joy for living and love for each other.

I watched a video once about a couple who adopted a child with severe emotional problems. The adopted child had an abusive past, and as a result of this, began tormenting their biological son and they didn’t know what to do. So they had to take her to a rehabilitation type of place, and what happened there was really amazing and telling.

In addition to play therapy, the little girl was given gardening chores, animals to care for and nurture, time outdoors, healthy food, a day built around structure and routine, and hugs every day. She resisted the hugs at first, because she had been abused and was now extremely fearful. But with each day that passed, improvements to her emotional state gradually came about. In time, the child felt as though she had PURPOSE, VALUE, and was LOVED. And so she healed, and was able to return home to have a loving life with a good family.

I say this because every time I think of it reminds me that it’s really simple to help someone who is in a fearful and anxious mental state. But the problem is that we often forget about how easy it is. Simplicity is a GIFT.

So when the entire world is frantically pacing social media, on edge for the next pandemic update, and so forth… as a life coach, leader and guide to healthy, happy living, YOU can help them return to the present.

  • Remind them of all the simple, grounding activities they can do to take them out of that anxious state and bring them to mindfulness and comfort.
  • Remind them that the work they do, no matter how seemingly minor, is significant and worthwhile.
  • Remind them to be present with their loved ones, to take life one day at a time and enjoy each fleeting moment.
  • Remind them that if their imagination gets to running away with them, they can find comfort in simple, productive activities – planting flowers, singing, making something, cooking a lovely meal.
  • Remind them to use this awareness to keep their children grounded and in a safe mental space, as well.
  • Remind them that if they’re stuck at home trying to school their kids, routine, structure and balance still apply. A bit of exercise, a bit of sunshine, a good meal, some play time, and of course, new things to learn from books and practice on paper.

I’ll be thinking these thoughts as I try to come up with a special Life Coach PLR pack for the monthly membership on my content website!

Thanks for reading. Hang in there, friends!

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