September 21, 2023

Where to Find Face Masks in Warren and Hunterdon County

It’s so nice of the many ladies who are donating face masks to our essential workers. So now what about showing some love to these busy makers and helpers?

Everybody needs masks. Stores will be gradually opening back up but with government-mandated protocol to follow. That of course will include requiring all employees and patrons to wear protective masks. So if someone wants to come shop at your establishment but they don’t have a mask, what do you do?

Well, you could have a stash of them to give away… this way you won’t have to turn them away. Or, you could sell the masks at a few dollars apiece. Ideas, ideas… I have so many.

Do you plan to be out and about in Warren and Hunterdon County, NJ and in need of a place to grab some protective masks for you and your family members, office workers and other important people? Here is a helpful list of places to find masks in your travels. I’ll add more as I come across them.

Riverside Treasures – Milford, NJ – YES, they are selling handmade face masks

Stop by and show your support with a purchase. You can also order their masks online. Check out the Stay Safe Collection… perfect!

Joe’s Steak Shop in Phillipsburg, NJ has fabric face masks in ladies’ sizes, men’s and kids’ sizes
A Lady is Selling Masks in the Phillipsburg Walmart/Old Toys R Us Parking Lots of Greenwich, NJ

There is a local woman who shows up to these locations to sell masks out of her truck. You might catch her at the right time!


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