September 25, 2023

WordPress Website Creation Services

Hello! Are you in search of a WordPress (or Square Space) website creator? I’m Dina, and I can help you get a self-managed WordPress website up and running.

Why WordPress? One the basic pages are in place, you can log in as the business owner and updates pages or add posts any time you want to.  It’s very similar to posting on your Facebook business page, or typing an HTML email and adding images. You just have to get familiar with the platform.

What else will you need? You need a domain name (GoDaddy) and you need hosting (Network Solutions).

Please Note: I’m not what you would call a high-end WordPress guru. I don’t touch the theme code, and you shouldn’t, either.

There are only a handful of WordPress themes that I tend to choose because they’re stable and reliable with no surprise glitches. If you’re looking for someone who can go deep into the guts of your WordPress website, I am not that person. You can find someone like that who will charge anywhere from $3,000 to $10K for a website.

I’ll charge you for a basic setup, anywhere from $300 to $1500 depending on how many pages and posts you’d like me to add. I can also hook your website up to an email list management service, so you can grow your list. This is very important.

BYOL. Bring your own logo. I don’t do those. Email me for an economically-priced WordPress website that will get your business found!

Email info @ healthyhappynj .com or healthyhappynj @ gmail .com (no spaces)