December 4, 2023

Yes, NORWESCAP in Phillipsburg Accepts Food Donations During Quarantine

Wondering how you can help this holiday season or in these crazy, quarantine times? Rumors might lead you to believe that food banks aren’t accepting donations. THEY ARE.

Or at least some are – best to do your homework and make that call before heading out with a big food stash.

I decided out of the blue to do a “food drive” and bring some donations over to NORWESCAP in Phillipsburg, NJ. This was just before Thanksgiving (yes, I’m late posting the news, but better late than never, right?)

I called them up to make sure that they were still accepting canned and packaged goods, and they said they were.

So here’s how I did my quarantine-friendly food drive. I sent out a message via text and on Facebook to some local mom friends. I let them know I’d be coming around to pick up a few cans to donate if they wanted to help. Well, I should have expected this because mom friends always seem to hop to it when someone asks for something… they blew me away with their generosity.


This was Pickup Number 1, from two mom friends in Harmony. Cereal, what a great idea!
Collection Number 2… already filling up! We did porch pickup to eliminate face to face contact.

I had figured maybe some people would give a can or two… but most gave entire shopping bags of food, many did two bags… and a terrific, useful assortment that anyone would be glad to stock their pantry with.

I did my solo food run in the evening, filled up the back seat with food goods from good peeps, and then set out early the next morning to bring the donation over to NORWESCAP Thrift Shop and Food Bank in Phillipsburg.

Feeling pretty good about the whole thing, at this point.

It doesn’t have to be the holiday season to take donations over to your local food bank. You can do it any time of year, and in fact, it’s probably better if you donate during a non-holiday season.

By the time I got to my friend Heather’s house, was rewarded with this gorgeous watercolor sunset view.


Karen and Rich of Weichert even made a special trip to Shoprite to hook peeps up with some quality meals for things like a pasta dinner… even Goldfish crackers, what a good idea!



Porch pickup was definitely the way to go. It was a really nice ride.
Next day… I headed down to NORWESCAP Food Bank and Thrift Shop on Broad Street in Phillipsburg. This is the donation intake area. You just drive up the driveway, and look to the right for a doorbell. Ring it. A person will emerge and open the garage door to bring in your food donation.
I had a few additional pickups after the fact… here are the last two bags. Total was 87 pounds!
NORWESCAP also runs a nice little thrift shop. Proceeds go to the food bank! Find them on Broad Street in P-Burg. Call before you go, as hours vary and you’ll want to be sure they’re open, especially with quarantine making everything so weird and unpredictable.
Two thumbs up for 75 lbs. in food donations!! THANK YOU to the ladies of Harmony and Lopatcong for coming through at a moment’s notice. 🙂


Call the NORWESCAP Thrift Shop and Food Bank of Phillipsburg, NJ at 908 454 4322. Don’t let quarantine stop you from lending a helping hand in your community! Make the call. Ask the questions. Grab your mask, and do what you have to do.