September 25, 2023

About Dina

Hi, I’m a free-spirited blogger mom who writes web content from home and does yoga in my kitchen.

I’ve helped small businesses get more fans, follows and sales online since 2003.

Before that, I worked as a copywriter in Corporate America from 1996 to 2003. I love what I do! Truly.

I created this blog hoping to get small businesses like yours some visibility online beyond Facebook.

Right now, it won’t cost you anything to have a pre-written article of yours published on our website. It’s a way to get your business showing up when people search the web for what you have.

If you’re not necessarily “Healthy,” don’t worry. Whatever you offer probably falls under the Happy category.

Email us your content to publish in this blog!

Just email your content (article, tips, images, promotion, video link, etc) to healthyhappynj @ gmail .com (no spaces) and we’ll let you know if you’re approved to be published here.