September 25, 2023

Lume Deodorant Honest Review. Smells Like… 🤔😱

If you are one of the many people trying to get away from aluminum and other bogus and potentially harmful ingredients in antiperspirant, then you may have noticed an exciting new brand of deodorant has emerged on the hygiene scene.

The breakthrough hygiene product is from a brand called Lume (pronounced LOO-MEE).

Anyone who was madly scrolling Facebook on the daily during quarantine, and that was pretty much everyone, may have noticed a saucy redheaded gal delivering quite the compelling sales pitch for trying this different kind of deodorant…

A breakthrough product containing safe, natural ingredients and formulated to last days instead of hours like the standard deodorants that we find on our drugstore shelves.

The redhead in the ad was doing yoga, dangling her parts uncomfortably close to another person who was also doing yoga, while giving an enthusiastic overview of Lume deodorant.

One of her main points was that you could apply this miraculous product to all of your stinky parts, pits, nether regions and so forth. The product was billed as being made of safe, natural ingredients.

Well the convincing yoga lady sucked me right in and I thought that a deodorant that I could basically put everywhere and have it last for days would be well worth the $50 that I sprang for the variety pack of assorted tropical scents. I figured with that kind of protection I’d be good until at least the fall.

Thankfully I don’thave to give my review of Lume deodorant because a woman on YouTube has already done a very accurate job. She as well as countless others in the comments and in additional reviews online has expressed exactly what I was thinking but didn’t want to say out loud.

As one of the many people who likely took a chance on Lume, I’d ask that the scientists who developed this product maybe make some modifications to the formula. Just like the lady in the video states, the idea behind this product is a great one and we all wish for reliable odor protection that is also safe for our health. I also found the Lume ads to be very clever and entertaining which was another reason I figured I’d support their effort.

But yikes, the longer this stuff sits unused in my drawer the worse smelling it gets and I only applied it a couple of times but the odor was getting me nauseous! If the creators of Lume deodorant come across this post, I really hope they use the customer feedback to take the product to the level of innovation.

Thanks for trying, anyway!