November 29, 2023

Today I Run | Inspiration from Suzanne

Today is one of those days where life just feels right. Fall is in the air, the sounds of my feet stomping that pavement, along with rustling leaves, and the wind making its own music.

I thought about how lucky I have been. The friends who message me on the daily and cheer on my story of life. I thought about how life has changed sadly and drastically with Covid and Political strife. How this world and people are indifferent…yet each day we can still try to do better.

So today I Run for all who have made me better and made me a bit hardened….the lesson is in you…

For all who made me smile and who made me cry… the lesson is in you…

For all who handed me a rope to grab and for those who cut it…..the lesson is in you…

For all who continue to inspire me and for those who try to inflict toxicity… the lesson is in you.

For you see when she is built from the ground up, using only shattered remains of toughness, strength, courage, and resilience… nothing but absolutely nothing can stop her from sharing her dreams, gliding with integrity, and feeding this world some soul food.

Seek to conquer, seek to live wonderfully, and seek but nothing else that brings you home.

Suzanne Swanson makes it her personal mission to help people on the path to recovery. Her own struggles with alcohol and food have led her to a place of wanting to give back to the world.

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