September 25, 2023

101 Uses (Okay, Actually 13 Uses) for Kitchen Shears in a Busy Parent’s Life

Here’s a versatile tool that will give you back countless hours of your busy life. Kitchen shears have a million and one uses. Cut down on daily frustration. Trim the budget. Return to the shear joy of living… with kitchen shears!

13 Uses for Kitchen Shears… Ready, Go.

One-pot cooking.

If your goal is to wash as few dishes and pots as possible, kitchen shears are a must for meal-making. Use them to chop up meat and veggies right in the pan as you’re cooking. Your family might make fun of you at first (“Real chefs use a real chef’s knife…“) but you’ll have the last laugh when you catch them a month later doing the same thing!

Chopping herbs.

Give a rough snip to fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro right over top of your food using kitchen shears. That’s one less knife and one less cutting board you’ll have to clean up.

Cutting up food (yours, or your children’s).

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience to mess around with a steak knife. And can we all agree that a butter knife is practically useless? A good, sharp pair of kitchen shears makes quick work of cutting up meat and vegetable or fruit into bite-sized pieces for your kids or yourself.


Ain’t nobody got time to fight with stubborn packaging tape, am I right? Use kitchen shears to expedite the opening of your next Amazon delivery and there will be a lot less struggle in your world.

Avoiding “wrap rage”.

Ever wonder why some companies feel the need to adult-proof their product packages? We wonder, too. Wrap rage can be a thing of the past thanks to handy kitchen shears that let you bust open any packaging that’s designed to confound and frustrate grown adults.

Kitchen Shears, Dishwasher Safe, All-Purpose


Snipping tags.

Ever find yourself dashing into the nearest Target or Walmart for a new pair of pants on your way to a wedding? How much better would it be if you had your kitchen shears handy to snip away the tags in a hurry?

Trimming a frayed rug or carpet.

Pretending that you don’t see the loose threads hanging off the corner of your living room rug can be a thing of the past once you’re the proud owner of a pair of kitchen shears.

Oh, just being a total gift-opening guru…

We have all been that mom or dad at Christmas, searching in vain for something to bust loose the zip ties that keep Barbie, Elmo and GI Joe imprisoned in their colorful cardboard boxes. Put on your super hero cape, Mom and Dad. When you’re armed with kitchen shears, you can defeat any stubborn toy packaging with speed and ease.

Kids’ craft projects.

Sure, we all own seven pairs of those plastic-handled school scissors for small hands. But they’re fairly useless when it comes to transforming an ordinary cardboard box into a princess castle, pirate ship or pretend fireplace. Bring on the kitchen shears!

“Tear here.”

Breaking open food packages that say “tear here” but you can’t tear there. Party prep goes a lot smoother when you’ve got a good set of kitchen shears to deftly slice open snack bags, release hummus from its childproof confines and dig into a sealed box of plastic utensils. Cut down on mess AND stress, thanks to the be-all, end-all of modern-day gadgets — kitchen shears.

DIY cut-off shorts.

Not everyone has fabric scissors in their collection. If you want to turn a torn pair of jeans into cut-off shorts quickly, reach for your trusty kitchen shears. You’ll rip through the project in minutes flat. Hey, check you out in those Daisy Dukes!

Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wrapping Christmas and holiday gifts.

Sure, you can suffer through trying to cut straight lines using ordinary scissors. But why give yourself a hand cramp when you can power through paper cutting with the Mac Daddy of all scissors, your invincible kitchen shears?


Stash a pair of kitchen shears in the shed. They’ll come in handy when you’re snipping twine to stake tomato vines, whittling Popsicle sticks into a tiny house for squirrels to live in, or fashioning plant labels for your seedlings.

Use them to cut up a cardboard carton to add a collar to the base of your broccoli plants to keep caterpillars away.

Grab your kitchen shears to quickly trim away yellowed leaves on your tomato plants. And when it’s time to harvest, your kitchen shears will assist you in making a clean cut when picking fresh vegetables for your evening meal.

Herb-Cutting Shears or Scissors, 5 Blades

Kitchen Shears, Tips for Use and Storage

Standard safety precautions apply. Do not run with scissors. Cover the blades when carrying. Pointy side faces down.

Kitchen shears are not just for the kitchen. Buy several pairs of them to stash in the kitchen, linen closet, garage, laundry room, garden shed, mud room, basement and any place else you’re likely to use them regularly.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep a pair of kitchen shears in the glove box of your car! With all of the coming and going you do, and with all of the packages you’re transporting from here to there, you’ve probably wished you had them handy more than a few times.

Use the safety shield. Avoid unnecessary trips to the ER thanks to the plastic shield that comes with a good set of kitchen shears. Remember to pop the shield on when not in use. You’ll be keeping everyone safer while wielding this indispensable tool that has endless applications.

Wash and dry. Wash your kitchen shears regularly, especially if you use them for cooking. They’re stainless steel, so they won’t rust while air-drying in the dish drainer.

Color code by room or use. Don’t swap the garage shears for the kitchen shears you use when cooking. To avoid mistaken identity mishaps with your kitchen shears, buy several sets and color-code them by use and location.

Get yourself a few sets of kitchen shears, and you’ll know dramatic life changes. Less struggle, more free time to do what you love… increasing calm feelings, and just a general sense of being the master of your own destiny.