September 21, 2023

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress in Everyday Life

Do you ever find yourself clenching your jaw, feeling like you can’t catch your breath, having trouble sleeping or being just plain irritable? If so, you, like millions of other people, may be experiencing the ill effects of the fast-paced New Jersey lifestyle.

So what can you do to reduce stress, worry and rush less, and live more in the present moment?

Say YES to saying NO. No kidding when we say that no human being could possibly fulfill all that’s requested nowadays by way of email, cell phone, IM, etc. So if a family member, friend or associate asks you for help that’s out of your capability… STOP trying to be a hero to everyone. Instead, simply and politely tell them that you are unable to accommodate the request. You don’t even have to give an explanation; most reasonable people will understand.

Yoga your way. Yoga gets a lot of media attention, which can be intimidating. Remember that it is an ancient practice meant to connect you with your inner self while bringing harmony and balance. If joining a yoga class only seems to add pressure to your already max-out life, then do Yoga your way. Learn some poses, and practice them the best you can, on your own time. You can do yoga anywhere: in your basement, at the park, next to your 6 month old on the livingroom floor with Baby Einstein on the TV. Just remember, yoga is supposed to help you relax – NOT cause you more anxiety!

Accentuate the positive, reduce the negative. It’s true; we can’t always entirely eliminate the people and activities that make us feel bad and yucky inside. But we certainly can find more ways to avoid them. If you find yourself dreading rather than looking forward to being with someone, then maybe it’s time to sub in something better. Fill your life with people, places and activities that lift you up and make you feel good to be alive.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Women in particular are guilty of trying to do too much for too many people (see point 1). Sometimes we run around as though we’re superheroes, fixing and rescuing everybody and everything but ultimately neglecting ourselves. It may be worth doing some self examination, and asking: how long does it take me to accomplish a, b, or c, and do each of these tasks well and while being fully present in the moment? Once you get a better idea of this, you’ll be better at knowing when to say Yes and when to politely say “no thank you” to whomever or whatever is demanding your energy.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this website is by no means intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing health problems or physical discomfort of any kind, please consult with your physician.

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