September 25, 2023

A Cabin Full of Food – Pantry Prepping for Winter, Start Now!

Are you concerned about how we’re all going to get through the winter with possible homeschooling and re-instated stay-home orders?

It’s a thought that casts a dark shadow on our carefree summer here by the beautiful Delaware River. And it’s likely to create indecision and inaction because we’re waiting for the next update and we don’t know what to do.

One smart suggestion that could work to alleviate your worry is to start thinking about how you can pantry prep for the coming winter and potential cold and flu season.

If we’re told to stay home and limit contact with other people again this winter, this could create major problems for families.

However, we don’t have to become paralyzed in fear. Instead, we can start thinking ahead. Plan to stock your kitchen, closets and cabinets with the essentials.  Marie of Just Plain Living can help you get clear on what to do.

A Cabin Full of Food – How to Fill Your Pantry and Use What You Store

Marie Beausoleil is someone whom I actually know from the marketing world. She is a great and generous lady who shares practical and useful survival tips.

Her ideas are perfect for people who hope to make ready for the who-knows-what’s-to-come as we’re faced with massive global change in the coming years.

So, seriously. You don’t have to move fast or do anything drastic. But I will tell you that Marie’s writing is as delicious as the recipes she shares in her blog and her books.

You can sink your teeth into some great beach or poolside reading and learn a thing or two from her book, A Cabin Full of Food, now available on Amazon. The full title is A Cabin Full of Food: How to Fill Your Pantry and Use What You Store which will be highly useful in these trying times.