September 25, 2023

Facts About Short People that You Probably Never Thought About

Here are a few facts of living the short person life that probably never occurred to you.

  1. Someone always has a crush on the short kid in class. We’re sort of like Muppet Babies when we’re young… lovable and huggable. Yes, I’m dating myself here.
  2. That object you’re pointing at, getting mad at us because we don’t know what you’re talking about? We can’t see it. Your vantage point is higher up than ours. Whatever you see, we probably can’t see because something is blocking it from our perspective!
  3. Your children’s feet are as big as ours… maybe bigger. Also, we can’t ever find good shoes in a regular shoe store. For ladies, the selection doesn’t start until size 7.
  4. It frustrates us when you put the size extra smalls, smalls and mediums on the high shelf. Just think about that logic for a minute!
  5. We felt flattered when people started calling their girlfriend “Shorty”.
  6. We think we’re as tall as you are until we see a picture of ourselves standing in a line-up of regular sized people.
  7. One thing that bums us out is when a really tall guy takes the seat in front of us in a movie theater.
  8. It’s hard for us not to fall in when removing clothes from the washing machine.
  9. We’re confounded by bar stools sometimes.
  10. Working at an ice cream stand is not easy for us because when the ice cream gets low, we almost fall into the container trying to scoop a chocolate cone.
  11. We brace ourselves when your Golden retriever jumps on us.
  12. It’s possible for us to fit into children’s size clothing sometimes.
  13. We have to literally climb into your truck, and the only way for us to get out is to fall slightly.
  14. We’ve come to expect our spot at the front of the group photo. This is just the way it’s been for us since preschool.
  15. We have no idea what’s in the cabinet above the stove, or on top of the refrigerator.
  16. We do NOT get our money’s worth at a general admission concert.
  17. Capri pants are regular pants on us.
  18. We are not at all bothered by houses with low ceilings.
  19. Somehow we always end up with an extra-tall buddy. It’s just part of the comedy of life.

Know a short person? Give them a hug (yeah, you’ll have to bend down) and share this with them today!