September 25, 2023

Bored in Quarantine? Try These Fun Family Workouts at Home

Hey, are you running out of ideas for how to stay in shape during lockdown? How are all you moms holding up? It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that. But if you need a boost of inspiration, you can get your body moving and have kids join in for some exercise.

Check gym class off your virtual schooling checklist when you do these simple workouts with kids. Health Coach Tracy of Healthy Hearts and Soles will get you going and show you all the best moves to get fit fast. She does step by step tutorials, posts energizing videos, and shares lots of tips. You’ll even get great, healthy recipes to keep you from getting bored in the kitchen.

Health and Fitness Consultant Tracy of Healthy Hearts and Soles posts motivating videos of simple and fun workouts that you can do with kids.

Follow along with Tracy on Facebook and don’t forget to give her Health and Fitness page a like. She posts terrific content that will inspire you to get fit, eat healthy and feel great. 😀 Also keep an eye out for freebies… she shares lots of those as well!

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