September 21, 2023

Good Health Begins with Good Habits

Good health begins with good habits.

This includes…

Moving your body every day, for at least 20-30 minutes

Drinking enough water (64 ounces or more per day)

Getting enough sleep (6-8 hours per day)

Having that beautiful exposure to vitamin D.

Finding gratitude for your life.

But, the body also needs proper fuel. Just like your car, our body needs GAS to go!

Never skip breakfast.

Even if it’s just a piece of fruit as you head out for the day, make sure you start your day by adding fuel to your tank.

You wouldn’t intentionally drive your car with fuel in the tank, would you?

So don’t start your day with eating something… simple!

How you treat your body, and the habits you form…are more important than ANY trip to the doctor or medication you can be prescribed.

Yes, you can heal thyself with food.

Health and fitness coach Stacey Clark works with clients in search of an accountability partner who can offer exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance with a focus on plant-based eating. Get fit, feel good and live your best life with Coach Stacey!

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